Saturday, March 24, 2012

Posts and beams are up!

The beams and posts before the stain....only these will remain in graft

Everything else will be open.

The beams and posts are up and in! We have been very busy over the last few weeks, so we apologize for just now getting back on the updates. The interior structure is now completely done. We have the main dining room ready to go; remember it's all open space now, all of the walls are gone! We are reclaiming all of the old tongue and groove heart pine wood from the walls to make our banquet seating, bar and tables. The banquet seating is in, which is across from the bar after we enclosed one of the front doors. For some interesting reason, there were two entrance doors off of the front's been fun trying to guess when and why the doors, rooms and windows were built on to the Cofer estate.
Daniel has been an invaluable help and asset to Seth. We are so grateful to the continued help from Thad, Bradford, Chad and our friends Adam, Jordan and others who have shared their time, knowledge and excitement for us.

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