Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Front benches/ stone wall

We have been laboring in our yard and gardens making great steps toward our edible gardens and inviting landscape. We have been in the yard clearing, transplanting, planting seedlings and building. The front yard now has several benches built into our new natural, seatable field stone wall. We want to invite our customers to enjoy a glass of wine or cocktail among the herb gardens that we are planting in the front yard. The huge back vegetable and fruit garden, resembling the shape of a giant leaf, will be available for customers to view, as well. I will say, I am so glad that we have been able to keep all of the existing plants that were on-site, but some of those large azaleas are a little monster to dig up and transplant! Brian Barth and Mario Cambardella of Urban Agriculture have been the master minds behind our edible landscaping plan, which we will continue to implement over the next many months. Brian was pivotal in building the seatable, solid stone wall. He also has a farm outside of Athens, where he grows his own veggies and herbs and also raises several hogs, chickens for eggs, goats for dairy and sustainable tilapia. Graft will be a pick-up site for his forming CSA. We look forward to a long relationship with him and Tree of Life Farms. Here is his website, treeoflifefarms.com

The interior is painted and looks amazing. We are moving forward as fast as we can. I will post a few pictures and know that we are still looking good for the beginning of June to open! Thanks again for your support and excitement for us!

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